The medium

As a medium one describes a person who has the sensitivity and consciousness to perceive certain energies, both in this world and in the hereafter. Every person is born with them. This is not an invention of modern times, because the philosophy of metaphysics, the theory of consciousness on which perception is based, can be traced back to Aristotle. So over three hundred years before Jesus walked this world. The ancestors of our time called these perceptions gods. Later there was only one God and his angels. Today they are called universal energies or simply universe or source of being.

In all the thousands of years there have been, and still are, prophets, seers, shamans, witches or druids in all cultures. It is just another name for a medium which mediates between the worlds and assists man and animal to meet in respect and to live in harmony. 

This is my concern too, which is why I have decided to offer this here.

Animal communication is meant for people who want to understand their animal better, for animals with problems or deceased animals who want to send a message to their owners.

Life coaching is for people who don't know how to deal with life crises, are at a crossroads or would like to contact a deceased person.

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