For some reason, you've found your way so far. There is nothing in this universe that happens by accident. Most people are not aware of the signs that influence our lives from the other world. It is just this telepathic connection that I spoke about before.

There is no guarantee that the contact with the desired being will occur. There can be many reasons for this. Likewise, I would ask you to keep in mind that the right of withdrawal cannot be given here. Because as soon as the contact is established, it is irrevocable.

Since I can only accept payment in advance, please contact me first and let me know your request. If a contact comes about, I will let you know. 

Since there is no difference for me between animal communication and life coaching, I make no difference for the payment and allow me an amount per session in the amount of

49,- €

which must be paid in advance via PayPal. 

For contact you can use the contact form or a messenger like Facebook-Messenger, TelegramViber and Threema.