Life coaching

There are challenges in life that sometimes don't seem to be overcome. At some point you will reach your limits. At such times it is helpful to trust in a power which our ancestors called God. It doesn't matter if you seek church assistance or if you prefer to entrust yourself to spiritual helpers because you have nothing to do with God. The answers are conveyed in the form of feelings, emotions, images and also sounds which appear in the mind or are felt. 

Before I can give my life advice, I need a current photo of the person, on which the face and eyes can be seen well (2-3 photos are the best choice) and, in order to be able to talk to them, their names. Then I would like to ask you to write down your questions so that I can ask them to the universe/god. Please make sure that the questions are clearly formulated. Questions concerning places, time and names are only possible to a limited extent, because neither space nor time exist in this dimension. Also names have only limited importance. 

After establishing the connection to the person it is also possible for me to send healing energies if they are necessary or helpful. I make the agreement for this with the person himself, during the conversation.

For the contact, I look at the photo and go inside myself. In this phase I am not approachable. My hands are the only thing which moves, because I write down what I perceive without being aware of it. 

So I prefer to reply by e-mail. The report can be a little longer and sometimes the answers can take a little longer or they can take breaks. It can also last a few days, until I have received all answers. 

Important note!

I would like to point out expressly that neither a life coaching nor an energetic welfare treatment can replace the attendance with the Psychologist, doctor or alternative practitioner. No diagnoses are made, no medical treatments or consultations are carried out and no medication is prescribed. Both the life coaching and the energetic healing treatment understand themselves as additional support as well as general life assistance and happens on own responsibility. I do not make any healing promises.